What is Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) Service is an integral part of the corporate strategy which helps in the proactive brand, creating a better connection with your customer and creating an impactful online reputation for your Business.

Negative reviews, illegal content on hate sites, negative media coverage, and wrong information are few of reputation-related challenges that businesses come across. Protect, repair and restore your online profile with our Reputation Management Expert.

We protect your brand from negative publicity and help you understand the needs of a discerning consumer. If your reputation is suffering from negative content showing on search engines, let our Online Reputation Management Specialists help fix search results in your favor.

What Reputation Management
Reputation Management

We make sure to check all the reviews and content written on the internet about a company we understand the nature and cause of the reviews and through our strategies we remove these bad reviews not only that we also take care and inform the company about the expressions that are coming on the internet and on how to cope up with them.

Why is Reputation Management Important?

Reputation management is particularly important to small businesses as it is a very important component in building public relations strategies. Since it is the small businesses that are heavily reliant on the word-of mouth and return customers to impact their revenue, the mismanagement of their image can be crucial; ultimately the consumer determines the business’s reputation.

THF works on assessing your identity, building your personal brand, and managing your reputation by doing the following for you –

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogging
  • Participating in Social Networks
  • Posting Articles
  • Issuing Press Releases
  • Ongoing Search Engine Research
  • Website Development

Why Do You Need Reputation Management?

With over 33 million local reviews on Yelp alone, it’s clear that customers are sharing their opinions online. 72% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal referrals. Whether it’s a testimonial, and article, a blog or even twitter comments, people are chatting 24/7. YOU as a business owner need to pay attention.

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